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The Three Ring Miami Art Circus

This Dionysian art extravorgasm is squarely targeted at that fine layer of society with enough money to burn — those extra people who have extra homes and extra cash — but there is a massive, vital, literate, sophisticated series of critical contemporary art events, surprises and happenings going on as well.

Rewind: Dalek

The glory of Dalek is in the attention he pays to the details. Every punk-rock song sounds the same to someone who dislikes punk, but to a true punk fan the small differences are the sites of the purest creativity.

Ryan McGinness – Aesthetic Comfort

Ryan McGinness makes work that occupies the stylish space where art and graphic design collide. Influenced by Andy Warhol and mixing digital technologies with more traditional crafts like silk screening and painting, McGinness is known for his slick, flat, colourful pop works.

Ryan McGinness; Art and Entertainment

Relying heavily on a dose of influence from his Pop art predecessors but injecting it with sensibilities based in hip-hop hype, skater style and graffiti guerilla warfare, Ryan McGinness has pioneered a new territory in the realm of high art.