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The Three Ring Miami Art Circus

This Dionysian art extravorgasm is squarely targeted at that fine layer of society with enough money to burn — those extra people who have extra homes and extra cash — but there is a massive, vital, literate, sophisticated series of critical contemporary art events, surprises and happenings going on as well.

Rewind: Dalek

The glory of Dalek is in the attention he pays to the details. Every punk-rock song sounds the same to someone who dislikes punk, but to a true punk fan the small differences are the sites of the purest creativity.

Nicholas di Genova at Le. Gallery

In his debut solo exhibition, at Toronto’s tiny but edgy and inspiring Le Gallery, di Genova offered ink and ‘cell animation’ paint on mylar drawings that displayed his attention to artists like Twist, Futura, and DALEK.