Inquisition of Cara Bloch, photographer

Tall as a Viking and with a sense of humor to match Will Farrell’s, Miami-born New York City babe Cara Bloch’s photographic images of rockstars have appeared in many of the most important music and culture magazines including NME, Spin, The Wire, Punk Planet, Blender, Vibe, Adbusters, Q, Ocean Drive… She has also done work for many of the most important music industry corporations and organizations including MTV, Universal Music, Geffen, Sony and Rock the Vote. Though her commercial career is in full bloom, Cara also has a fierce critical eye and her fine art photography has shown twice in New York City at the prestigious International Centre of Photography and in Toronto at Angell Gallery. Her “Tailgating” series documents American culture and how people interact in public open spaces. These images capture stereotypes like college frat boys beerbonging before football games, religious rightwingnuts outside Republican national conventions, and mulletted hair-farming rockers tanking up before heavy metal concerts, all acting in their most natural and loose way before her lens. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she also runs her own handmade gift card company called A Home In The Sky and contributes regularly to artblog Lipsticktracez. Now that she has finally triumphed over a three year battle with clinical vertigo, Cara is once again back behind the lens, capturing the likes of Kanye West, Jane’s Addiction, and Kings of Leon. Cara subjected herself to this inquisition via email from a white room in New York City sitting next to her god daughter, Luca, in July 2009.  You can view more of her work at

Cara Bloch, photographer
Cara Bloch, photographer

1. If you could be any kind of global superstar other than a visual artist, what kind would you want to be? (ie. baseball player, rock star, serial killer, politician…)

I would be the crazy character on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse that shouts out the word of the day.

2. Which historical epoch would you most like to have participated in? (ie. ancient Rome, revolutionary France, 1960s counterculture…)

A flapper wild child in the 1920’s.

3. If given a choice for your next life, do you want to be a man or a woman? ( as with all these questions, answering “why?” is optional)

A man, for a totally new experience.

Metallica Twins, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002
Metallica Twins, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002

4. Which 3 visual artists had the greatest influence on your career and work?

Sophie Muller, Matt Mahurin, Tintoretto.

5. Which 3 musicians’ music most closely resembles a soundtrack to your life?

The Pixies, The B-52’s, and The 2 Live Crew.

6. Assuming cost is no obstacle, which 3 cities would you most prefer to live in?

London, Paris, and Athens, Georgia.

7. Imagine you are driving on an open, gently curving highway with a guarantee of no police, no other drivers, and perfect weather conditions. What kind of car would you want to drive and how fast would you go?

A big SUV and I would drive slow.

Kiss Fan, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002
Kiss Fan, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002

8. Which current global calamity would you fix with one all-powerful wish? (ie. global warming, HIV/AIDS, starvation, …)


9. If you were given $250,000 to spend on a new wardrobe by a single designer/brand, which would you choose?

Vivienne Westwood.

10. Do you believe the United States of America is getting better or worse?

Love it or Leave it.

The Ten Commandments, c-print, 24 x 36, 2004
The Ten Commandments, c-print, 24 x 36, 2004

11. Which museum would you most want to host your first post-mortem career survey?

The Museum of Natural History, New York City.

12. What is your favorite film of all-time?

River’s Edge.

13. What is your favorite restaurant in the world? (name the City too)

The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

14. If you could live as one historical figure for one week, who would it be? (feel free to describe which week if relevant)

Amelia Earhart.

15. What job would you least like to do for 40 hours a week until retirement?


16. What superpower would you find most useful? (flying, invisibility, indestructible… Feel free to answer why)

Invisibility; sometimes you just don’t want to do a stop and chat.

17. Which adjective do you think best describes Hugh Hefner?


18. Have you ever been in a fist fight in which blood was spilled? (feel free to offer a brief description)

I’ve never been in a fight, I’m too lanky.

19. Do you get road rage?

Yes, I get road rage. I’m from Miami.

20. Do you inhale?


Motley Crue, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002
Motley Crue, c-print, 24 x 36, 2002

21. Do you have any phobias? (feel free to explain which)

I do not swim in the ocean or eat fish. Their eyes do not blink, and they scare me at the grocery store. I hate the smell of canned tuna fish as well.

22. Do you think it is better to ask for permission or beg for forgiveness?

Ask for permission.

23. If you were forced to spend one full year in solitary confinement in a small cell, what color would you want the walls to be?

Hot Pink.

24. What is the most important organ in your body?

My brain, I suffer from vertigo and migraines. I’m always terrified I’m going to get an ever lasting headache.

25. Have you signed an organ donor card?


26. Do you believe in reincarnation?


27. Should people who eat fish but don’t eat meat considered vegetarians?

People who eat fish are not vegetarians.

28. Do you know anyone living today with whom you’d happily trade lives? Who?

I would not trade lives with anyone.

29. Apple or PC?


30. Do you tell lies?

I tell lies.

Protest Twins, c-print, 24 x 36, 2004
Protest Twins, c-print, 24 x 36, 2004

31. Do you think it is better to be exceptionally intelligent with average charm or exceptionally charming with average intelligence?

Exceptionally charming. You can always watch Jeopardy the night before a party and sound somewhat smart.